Baraka Pre & Primary English Medium School

Construction progress on the school building – 19.10.2021

Construction continues at our school. The facade has been plastered and the window frames have been installed. Thanks to the donations from Daimler ProCent, the interior work can now begin quickly.

Daimler ProCent – Interior work and furnishing of a school and preschool area with boarding school in Karansi West Kilimanjaro/North Tanzania

In July 2021, we received the funding commitment from Daimler ProCent for the interior construction and furnishing of our school and preschool area. This has made us very happy!
We thank all Daimler employees who were willing to give up a cent of their salary. We would also like to thank Daimler for doubling the employee donation. This made it possible to support our school project with a generous donation.
Soon we will publish new pictures of the expansion.


March 2019:
At the beginning of the month, the construction of the roof of the dormitory began. When the wooden substructure is finished, the roof panels will be installed. Because of the soon expected big rainy season, haste is required. General plan school Karansi

January and February 2019:
The preschool building is now largely finished. The wooden ceiling has been installed, the floor has been poured and the building has been plastered. The only thing missing is the paint job.